Sunday, May 20, 2018

Moving to an Island

Mayne Island, my island home, has a population of 1071 (according to Google).

A map

'Salish Eagle on the water' ldyck

Are you interested in moving to a rural island?

 I'd highly advise you to vacation there. Rent a cabin and experience your future home in the Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Befriend islanders and begin to build your network of support. Move to your new home with your eyes wide open. 

What did I do?


'Salish Eagle docking' ldyck

My mom's death took me to a very dark place. In search of a nest in which to heal, my husband I visited my cousin on Salt Spring Island. After that visit, we thought island life might be the answer. But Salt Spring Island felt too big. My cousin suggested that we island hop. We hopped from Salt Spring Island to Mayne Island.

It had been pouring all day. As we docked, the sun broke through the clouds.

"This is it. We've found our new home," my voice was full of sunshine.

"Don't you think we should finish docking and look around a little, first." Ever the level-headed realist, my husband required more convincing. 

'Abby there to greet you' ldyck

Now, nineteen years later--this very month--our roots are planted deep in sandy Mayne Island soil.

'Nature's beauty, nature's fragility' ldyck

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--a poem inspired by a walk with Abby (my dog)
Published on Sunday, May 27 at 5 PM PST

'Mayne Island beauty' ldyck
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